Lash Care & FAQs

Lash Care:

- Handle your lashes with TLC. All lashes are hand made, so be sure the whether you are removing lashes from your eyes or the lash try to grasp lashes from the lash band.

- When not in use, be sure to keep your lashes in the lash tray.

- Avoid glue build up on the lash band. After a few wears, carefully remove excess glue from the lash band. Be careful not to pull on the lash hairs. (will add video for this)

- Use a lash curler to restore curl if lashes become wet, or if that is your more desired look.

-Use a mild makeup remover to remove any excess makeup that may get on lashes during application, or daily wear.

-Avoid tugging excessively on lashes to avoid major shedding.


  • Lashes By Heaven offers high quality silk and mink lashes. 
  • Mink lashes may shed which helps achieve a more natural look.
  • Lashes are designed to give natural to dramatic glam look.
  • Lashes can be worn 15-20 times with proper maintenance.
  • Lashes should be applied with a safe, quality lash glue and should last throughout the day.
  • With proper application, lashes look real and feel extremely comfortable.
  • Lashes can gently be removed using makeup remover, or a q-tip with water.