Ever since I was young a young girl, I have loved creating.  As I have evolved into the woman I am today, that has not changed. More than ever, I have worked to find a sense of inner and outer beauty and by discovering the power of makeup, lashes, and all things beauty, I have achieved that. I remember being a young girl, watching my mother, who was a single parent of six children facing each day with a smile, & applying the most perfect winged liner, gold lipstick & gold eyeshadow.  It was then that I began to fall in love  & experiment with makeup, as well as discover all the things that I love about it. I’ve always known who I’ve wanted to be, and makeup & lashes just so happen to enhance the strong, confident, creative, outgoing, hard working, determined, fierce woman that I am.  I am extremely grateful that makeup & lashes have inspired me to continue to explore my creativity... constantly stepping outside of “normal,” to create the beauty I feel deep within, & to empower other women to do the same. Being able to transform my “beauty,” continues to gives me a confidence in who I am & my capabilities. Although, true beauty shines from within, a little makeup & lash drama never hurts either. On my best & worst days, a pair of lashes is just the pick me up I need; I didn’t choose the lash life, the lash life chose me. 


With Love,